Brazil: Bolsonaro favorable for students to film their teachers

Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro said Monday that he is in favor of students filming their teachers, as proposed by a member of his party to the "ideologues & # 39; of the teachers to sue.

"I am also a physical education teacher (…), I see no problem (the student) can film," said the extreme right leader in an interview with Bandeirantes, while asked him if this practice would not rather belong to an authoritarian regime.

"I think the teacher should be proud" when a student asks him: "Teacher, can I film your class to see him at home? They should be proud and do not worry about it," added the future Brazilian head of state. , 63 years old.

These statements come as last Tuesday, the prosecutor announced the opening of an investigation against Ana Caroline Campagnolo, a member of the Social Liberal Party (PSL), the formation of Jair Bolsonaro, because he had encouraged students on Facebook to film and complaining teachers "irritated" by the result of the presidential election of October 28, and trying to "indoctrinate" their students.

The public prosecutor said Campagnolo "stole" with his call.

In addition, a public educational institution in Brazil has asked the court to investigate a video in which the elected president is accused of appointing eight professors, with first and last name, to defend the regimes of Cuba and North Korea. for their students.