Brazil: the public prosecutor demands urgent delivery of Battisti

The General Procure du Brésil asked the Supreme Court (STF) to quickly close the illegality of an extradition of the former militant Caesar Battisti, head of economic extinction, proposed by Jair Bolsonaro to be deposed in Italy. .

Dance a document of October 30, but Monday morning at the STF, Raquel Dodge requested "of traiter and priority le jugement" which was reportedly sinus for the highest legal court in Brazil, and a year ago.

At that time, Battisti's lawyers were asked to file a request for habeas corpus to begin with the presiding curator Michel Temer being a close customer of Italy.

Italy was condemned in 1993 by the restoration of the country's case law for the long-term withdrawal for four years and the complicity of blackmail at the end of the 1970s.

Between the prison, Cesare Battisti, political cavalry and asylum, today it was 63 years old, in Italy, after 15 years in France, before it was released in Brazil in 2004.

He is with 55% of his vote on October 28, the candidate of extreme droite Jair Bolsonaro promises to follow others in the country that Battlers extraderait.

Il aeit d & # 39; ailleurs was chaudement félicité by the Deputy Prime Minister, Italian Minister Matteo Salvini. "After years of idle discussions, I will demand that the new rebirth in Italy will attack the terrorist Battisti," said the homme fort du gouvernement italien on Twitter.

On Monday, in the middle of the television channel Bandeirantes, the president said that, if I had any idea, Celui would have a "terrorist" "resigned in Italy."

But you admit that "the decision is a new STF". During the day I also heard the ambassador from Italy to Brazil at their address in Rio de Janeiro.

The former President of Gauche, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, was recently summoned in 2010 for the extradition of Battisti, as decided by the Supreme Court, par décret.

A decree that considers the defeat of M. Battisti irrevocable.