Brexit: May's cabinet is worried about parliamentary "plots"

The cabinet of British Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday ruled & # 39; extremely worrying & # 39; about the alleged conspiracy by MPs to remove Brexit leadership in the coming week.

The press reported on Sunday that MEPs were planning to table amendments to the House of Commons to prevent May from making plans for UK exit from the European Union.

"The British people have voted to leave the European Union and it is essential that politicians respect this verdict," said a spokeswoman for Downing Street.

"Any attempt to deny the government's power to meet the legal requirements for an orderly exit at this historic moment is extremely worrying," she added.

"MPs who want to respect the Brexit must vote for him, otherwise there is a risk that the parliament will prevent Brexit", said March 29th, spokeswoman Mrs May said.

The Prime Minister is expected to hand out a new plan for the Brexit on Monday for the deputies after the massive rejection on 15 January of the delegates of the agreement that it had concluded with Brussels at the end of 2018.

Mrs. May has been dealing with the opposition since then to try to reach consensus on a new deal, but they seemed in an impasse.

The British Foreign Trade Minister, Liam Fox, warned Sunday in The Sunday Telegraph against a "political tsunami" when MPs did not stick to the 2016 referendum vote that decided to withdraw from the office. EU.

He also fired adherents of a Brexit without agreement, demanded by the Labor opposition, saying that "the most stupid thing that is possible" in a negotiation is "to get rid of his strongest card".