Brigitte Macron: her surprise visit when filming a film on the Elysée

Brigitte Macron would she have taken the taste of the world of fiction? After his appearance, a few weeks ago in the series changing rooms on France 2 the first lady wanted to visit the filming of a TV movie that was filming in the Elysee Palace.

It runs under the gold of the Republic! Indeed, for a few days, the castle of Elysée was invested by a whole team of filming. As reported The Parisian in the edition of Thursday 18 October, the residence of the President of the Republic welcomed the team of the TV film Mystery on the Elysée with Clémentine Célarié, a fiction in costume that would be broadcast on France 2 in 2019. The shooting was mainly held in the hall of the 1,000 square meter castle, which has seen great personalities who have written history as Elizabeth II or John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

In addition to the security problems, the film staff had to adapt their schedule to that of the president of the republic. The production was may only film in the absence of Emmanuel Macron. While it was their surprise when they did have seen his wife Brigitte get off to visit them. "She came around nine o'clock in the evening I never met her, it happened, of course, I was moved because I met a human person, not a mighty woman." Clémentine told Célarié Parisian.

Visibly won, the actress also entrusted her with feelings about the attacks on the first lady, mainly because of her age difference with her husband. "I hated the way she was treated because of her age difference with her husband, I found it despicable, shameful and told him:" she said.

The current seems to have passed between the first lady and Clementine Célarié, mainly because the two women have found a common point. " We participated in the short series & Vestiaires & # 39; on France 2. I knew she was worried about the difference, and we talked about it. It was stolen a moment during that time, " entrusted the actress.

Photo & # 39; s: Lemouton-Moreau / Bestimage