Brigitte Macron: this is the only make-up she never wears

Brigitte Macron: this is the only make-up she never wears

Each of Brigitte Macron's performances is a real tailor's surprise. A chic and nonchalant style that embodies a French elegance, sublimated by a beautiful handwriting. Tanned skin color, cut, brushed and underlined appearance, the first lady is true to her purified beauty. To sublimate her azure eyes, she wears smoky eyes with a metal finish – the only "colored" hole she seems to allow herself to be. The adage of make-up applies to Brigitte Macron: both assertive eyes and a cheeky mouth, but never both at the same time.

Indeed, we never showed the first lady glittering lipstick or even succumb to a persistent manicure. She made her trademark naked. His lips are naturally or sometimes just strengthened with a light pink, while his manicure is composed of a single layer of white or petals. A hue that is reminiscent of the color & # 39; Ballet Shoes & # 39 ;, drawn Essie, the favorite of the Queen of England. Is it because of the taste or obligation that Brigitte Macron banned flashy colors? Is it due to his previous teaching duties where austerity prevails? It is in any case with subtle touches that it shows a bright, dynamic and solar make-up.


Brigitte Macron and her naked beauty © Abaca

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