Brigitte Nielsen shows her daughter Frida here

Thursday 13 September 2018 19:47

Just two months ago, Brigitte Nielsen became a mother at the age of 55. His daughter Frida has all her luck and everyone should share it. In her Instagram account, the new mother shows her little daughter and writes: "She & # 39; s my rainbow".

Photo: IF

In line with the saying, little Frida wears a striped dress and a matching hair band. Nielsen's daughter is not a product of an artificially fertilized egg. For several years, the blonde had already tried to produce offspring, but it did not work.

Source: instagram.com

Now the 55 year old looks further ahead and enjoys little luck to the fullest. On her Instagram account, Brigitte regularly publishes new photos of herself and also presents her post-child body. Hardly an ounce of pounds remains and Nielsen is better than ever.