BTS & # 39; Jungkook had to stab in his foot after he had injured himself before the show in London

BTS member Jungkook had to stab after injuring his heel for the London show.

Jungkook stayed on stage for both sold-out BTS shows in The O2 earlier this week.

The band Big Hit Entertainment of the band issued a statement explaining that Jungkook collided with floor furniture hours ago before they performed. backstage.

During a performance at The Graham Norton Show on Friday, host Norton asked: "Who hurt their foot? What happened to your foot? & # 39;

Jungkook, the maknae of the group (youngest member) raised his hand and said: "I had stitches in my heel. It happens. & # 39;

Graham joked: & # 39; So many people would like to kiss it better! & # 39; And the ARMY & # 39; s, the name for fans of BTS, who were in the audience, cheered.

Jungkook could not perform the choreography of the group (Photo: Getty)

Jungkook's injury reduced him to tears on stage because he was unable to join in with the group's refined choreography.

Big Hit said in a statement for the first show: About two hours ago, after the rehearsal and sound check, Jungkook popped up slightly in the waiting room when he collided with floor supplies and injured his heel.

Medical personnel responded immediately and carried out the necessary treatment. The opinion of the medical team is that while the injury is not serious, performing choreography can cause even more damage to the injured area. On the advice of the medical staff, Jungkook takes part in the show tonight, but remains without choreography. & # 39;

He is not the only member who recently suffered an injury. Jimin withdrew from the The Graham Norton show due to severe muscle pain & # 39; during the rehearsals, where Jungkook played his part in their latest song IDOL.

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