Burger Quiz: what did the Elysee think about Alain Chabat's sketch about Emmanuel Macron?

Before opening the doors of his Burger Quiz on September 5, Alain Chabat had offered a hilarious trailer of the game in which he imitated Emmanuel Macron. Has the Elysée Palace appreciated? Reaction from the facilitator.

Last week, the pillars of the PAF made their return to the delight of viewers. As a master in C8 program, Cyril Hanouna made his comeback Do not touch my position with a recycled team of some well-known heads, such as Bertrand Chameroy. And if the person who slammed the door two years ago does not deceive the public, the last new faces will appreciate. From September 21 the host reveals his latest fantasy: Balance your mail, broadcast every Friday in the second half of the evening. A busy comeback for Baba fanzouzes, such as Alain Chabat returning to the oven of his Burger Quiz. And to announce the reopening of his cult show, the Null had not scratched the resources.

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When Alain Chabat never opens the doors of his fast food for Cyril Hanouna, he welcomes new customers to his "restaurant" on 5 September. In particular we could see Valérie Lemercier, Gilles Lellouche or Christine and the queens who caused indigestion for some internet users. Before the curtain of the Burger Quiz was lifted, the comic strip director had given his fans water with a hilarious trailer. A teaser in which we find the fifties (he will blow his 60th candle in November) to the best of his form, imitating Emmanuel Macron in full gathering. " We put a crazy money in the stories of Toto and people do not laugh Can we hear from someone who wants no more word games, no more traps! & # 39; " You know the story of the idiot who says no? No. Gag. Fall. Say truck. Pouet Pouet. Start up nichon. Fall. And if the sketch fulfilled the expectations of the audience, what about the Élysée? The moderator gave a semblance of response this weekend.

Burger Quiz: the Élysée did not want to officially respond to the imitation of Alain Chabat

In the middle of his interview JDD who has talked so much, Alain Chabat revealed some scenes of this famous teaser. " This image of the president at the Elysee has driven me all summer long. She gave me the idea of ​​a man who tyrannises his authors by demanding the best of himself when it shows itself as a flagrant incompetencehe explains. I did not analyze anything, it was very instinctive and very fast. I wrote the sketch the day before shooting. It was folded in two hours. "This speed of execution has affected everything but the quality of the video if we believe the many critical reviews under the video, and if the success was on the web, it was on the 55 rue du Faubourg Saint- Honoré? To the question: " Have you had a return from Macron or the Élysée on your sketch?? "Alain Chabat says that:" No, nothing official. And with good reason, the author has " always kept away from politics Out of fear to get " to smoke "No news, good news.