Bushido lowered his pants

Bushido lowered his pants


Will 40 - and a little wiser soon? Bushido.

Will 40 – and a little wiser soon? Bushido.(Photo: image / vision of the future)

Friday, September 14, 2018

Van Volker Probst

Excited was Bushido's new song "Mephisto". Eventually it was said that the song would be a reckoning with Abou-Chaker, the Arab chief. Now it is there – and it is a sensation. Perhaps.

One way forward: there is no name. "No compromises from now on, call Dissen without name, believe me, they know who the boy's soul is out of greed", the "boy" Bushido raps towards the end of his new song "Mephisto", that he now collects accompanying video published on YouTube.

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But after everything that was talked about beforehand, it is clear who should be meant by the devil: Arafat Abou-Chaker, Arab clan leader in Berlin and many years not only buddy and business partner of Bushido, but something like a "blood culture" "of the rapper, the two would have even signed a general power of attorney, confirmed by Abou-Chaker by the sale of Bushido's possessions even after his death.

Within a few hours "Mephisto" has been called on YouTube about half a million times. No wonder, the more than 10 minutes long song was announced well in advance as a spectacular statement by the musician with the clan head, which Bushido had given up in a public statement in March. Moreover, the song is the first harbinger of the upcoming studio album of the rapper titled "Mythos", which will be released on September 28, exactly on Bushido's 40th birthday.


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