Bushido lowered his pants


Will 40 - and a little wiser soon? Bushido.

Will 40 – and a little wiser soon? Bushido.(Photo: image / vision of the future)

Friday, September 14, 2018

Van Volker Probst

Excited was Bushido's new song "Mephisto". Eventually it was said that the song would be a reckoning with Abou-Chaker, the Arab chief. Now it is there – and it is a sensation. Perhaps.

One way forward: there is no name. "No compromises from now on, call Dissen without name, believe me, they know who the boy's soul is out of greed", the "boy" Bushido raps towards the end of his new song "Mephisto", that he now collects accompanying video published on YouTube.

Privacy Policy

But after everything that was talked about beforehand, it is clear who should be meant by the devil: Arafat Abou-Chaker, Arab clan leader in Berlin and many years not only buddy and business partner of Bushido, but something like a "blood culture" "of the rapper, the two would have even signed a general power of attorney, confirmed by Abou-Chaker by the sale of Bushido's possessions even after his death.

Within a few hours "Mephisto" has been called on YouTube about half a million times. No wonder, the more than 10 minutes long song was announced well in advance as a spectacular statement by the musician with the clan head, which Bushido had given up in a public statement in March. Moreover, the song is the first harbinger of the upcoming studio album of the rapper titled "Mythos", which will be released on September 28, exactly on Bushido's 40th birthday.

Continuous invoicing

And indeed, what the singer "Anis Ferchichi" in "Mephisto" launched sounds like a sensation. Anyway, the rules of Bushido rappers can not only be interpreted as a ruthless consideration with Abou-Chaker, but also with his own career. If you believe the singer's words in the song and transfer them to reality, he was determined to be foreign for years. "The boy has thought about it, there is not enough to say, today he knows, then the devil came in his life," Bushido apparently says afterwards about his musical beginnings.

And he continues: "Suddenly he did not have to worry about the future, the new Sound Electro, the ghetto, he became a businessman, Gross became Netto, Germany was chaotic, he became a public enemy, the role of his life – Joker, Dark Knight, everyone wanted to be close to him, the words became gold, blood, sweat and tears, the avalanche began to roll, the soul was sold, the boy ascended to his throne, to many an idol but his freedom illusion . "

However, according to the text, as a bottleneck for the relationship between "Mephisto" and the "boy", the private life appears. "And for many years it turned, the wheels turned to the first of February, the boy met a girl, she would change a lot and somehow it happened she stayed with him, finally something true between all the lies and sinister figures The boy became a father, and nothing remained the same: Mephisto sowed disagreements and pulled out all the stops, suddenly he was a lawyer, prosecutor and judge, "Bushido suggests, through his relationship with Anna-Maria Lagerblom, sister of pop star Sarah Connor, from 2011 the gang got tear with Abou-Chaker.

Parallels with reality

A text line such as "Marriage Was In Shards" coincides with reports that Bushido and his wife were so badly damaged in 2014 that they even fled home temporarily. In the song "Mephisto" does everything to disassemble the couple – until the "boy" finally rebels and turns away from him forever.

Bushido & # 39; s album "Mythos" will be released on September 28th.(Photo: Bushido)

But not only does Bushido seem to regret much with regard to his private life, but also in terms of his career as a musician. "There were times when he blindly followed Mephisto, the lies heard again and again as the whisper in the wind, just like him, gave up the resistance, now he has to straighten things because no one believes him anymore, so many people humiliate, behave unfairly. the way of success is hundreds of corpses ", says" Mephisto ".

Even a sentence like "He would even pay with death because he is not afraid" seems to have parallels with reality. Finally, Anna-Maria Ferchichi recently turned to Abou-Chaker several times via the public on Instagram and hinted that the clan boss could even inflict violence on her family.

From Saul to Paul and back

Since he turned away from the devil, life is "full of colors", and Bushido finally raps into "Mephisto". "It will be said of him:" He was a good boy with anger in his lungs and his heart on his tongue, the mistakes he made are deeply rooted in him, and he is grateful every day for the family. & # 39; Because things happen that most people doubt, and understandably enough that many of them are not prepared for the truth, the devil's biggest trick, apart from his plans, was to make mankind believe that it is not existed, "ends the song. In the video Bushido appears on the photo with a coat with the slogan" Saving Lives – Changing Lives ".

More about this subject

Does Bushido really strip his pants here? Is it the flight forward? A new role in reverse? Eventually the musician once returned from Saul to Paul and back again. In his beginning as a "rag-rapper" followed his apparent departure from the evil image, including integration Bambi and Bundestagpraktikum, only to give the incorrigible Gangsta a little later, about the then Green Party leader Claudia Roth musically missed "holes like a golf course".

Who once lied, you do not believe it, it is known. And although Bushido liked to be in the past & # 39; Mephisto & # 39; mentioned, it is still questionable how serious his rather self-critical tones are in the song. An answer could be to deliver his upcoming album. The drum has certainly been touched.

Source: n-tv.de