Buzova, cardboard and metro: the singer stole her copy and drove her into the subway

Not so long ago, Olga's cardboard copies appeared in supermarket chains. Buzov of full length, which advertised chips. But they did not last long because the flashmob was launched very quickly on the internetto steal the Buzov. Taking the cardboard Olenka from the supermarket was considered "fan" by the people, it was a nice thing and it started. The company exhibited new stands, but through a few hours Buzov carried away in an unknown direction. Well, the star "Dom-2" would not be himself if he had not decided to make a hi-up here. During the evening, on November 6, she published a video in her instagram, where she captured herself with a cardboard copy and decided to take a ride on the subway with her. So-so entertainment, but the singer liked it.

While # stealBuzovu is already socially breaking. network and gaining momentum and popularity, I decided to steal myself yesterday. Well, who will do better than me? That I was cardboard, I just did not work in your vineyards – I held a towel, I helped cook, I took care of the children, and even the robbers frightened me in the movie "Home Alone". As a result, I not only took the cardboard with me, but even drove along to the subway, "the star signed the film.

Subscribers instagrama singer supported her, saying that it is pretty funny! Certainly, there were those who accused the former wife of Dmitry Tarasova in public relations.

While # stealBuzovu is already socially breaking. nets and gaining popularity and popularity, I decided to steal myself yesterday. Well, and who will do better than me? Finding cardboard was not easy, but we did, so I not only took the cardboard, but even drove it into the subway, see how it was, waiting for your comments.


Dura Olga Buzova or just pretend. Let it be the most important mystery of our country

– Fashion model! And the model worked. And washed the floors in the clinic. Everyone was engaged, just to do something and earn. But it is easier to sit on the couch and stick a finger: she Something turns out, because someone is behind it. And even if someone is worth it (although I do not know who it could be), then he who blesses me. And thank him for that. (Details)