Cambodia: Their Sen accuses the EU of "hijacking" its country with the threat of customs duties

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen accused the EU Saturday of the land & # 39; hostage & # 39; to threaten Cambodian exports as a retaliatory measure against the pressure of the Cambodian opposition.

The strong man of Cambodia did not like being forced to surrender and told former Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny that he visited Phnom Penh. His spokesperson told the press Saturday that Hun Sen regretted that "about 16 million Cambodians are being held hostage" by this agreement with the EU.

The European Union threatened to suspend its preferential agreement with Cambodia in October, allowing it to export its products, with the exception of arms, to the Member States without paying any customs duties. The textile processing sector, which employs hundreds of thousands of workers, mainly benefits from this agreement, whose exports to Europe represent a treasure trove of billions of dollars.

Since then, the government of Hun Sen has blinded the Cambodian opponents, whose dozens who have lived in exile for months after the ban on their party, would have permission to "resume their activities".

This sudden leniency is, according to analysts, prompted by Phnom Penh's concern to see Cambodian clothing exports to the European markets that are now under threat.

The main opposition party was disbanded and the leader imprisoned for the general election last July, when the Hun Sen regime eased all seats in parliament, making Cambodia a one-party state.

These elections were considered flawed, threatening the EU to return to duty-free access for Cambodian products.

At the end of December Hun Sen despised Westerners who argue for "what is called democracy and human rights" for his country.

"Do not make war by resorting to what is called democracy and human rights, invoked by the democratic countries that made the mistake of supporting the Lon Nol coup," he had launched during a speech to thousands of executives.

Their Sen, who has been ruling in Cambodia for more than 30 years, was a Khmer Rouge framework himself before he defected. He was involved in the overthrow of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979 under the leadership of Pol Pot. The United States, however, tried to maintain the siege of the Khmer Rouge at the United Nations.