Carla Bruni is forbidden to talk to this famous man ... and Nicolas Sarkozy is not joking! - Public

While she was promo for her new album, Carla Bruni was invited to create some confidence in Europe 1 for the talented Patrick Cohen. But it did not count on Nicolas Sarkozy forbidding him, as reported Paris Match, to make this journalist happy "he likes little". Monsieur "put his veto on" and when her beauty finally listened to her, it's because she also lets herself be referred.

We learn that Carla is very cash with his buddy. "The musician never gives his opinion about his guests, often decided, rarely brings, always very funny. A sharp mania during their Elysian period ", write our colleagues in the columns of the 7th edition of February.

One thing is for sure, these two, who in 2008 said "yes" and three years later welcomed, cute girl named Giulia, love each other as the first day that many would not believe their story. The former president of the republic and the former supermodel of today are a few because we love them!

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Anne-Sophie Jilot-Guerand

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