Celebrity Big Brother signs Roxanne Pallett in a huge £ 750,000 deal

Celebrity Big Brother signs Roxanne Pallett in a huge £ 750,000 deal

Celebrity Big Brother signed former actress Emmerdale Roxanne Pallett into a huge £ 750,000 deal.

It is believed that the reservation is last minute, as the soap star wanted to find the best deal possible.

A member of the show told The Daily Star: "The bookers wanted to sign Roxanne for a long time.

"They finally got their way, but for a high-level fare."

Roxanne will take part in CBB from Thursday – a few days after her horror scare.

Roxanne Pallett

He hit a wall 40 miles away while running his radio host Minster FM Ben Fry at the Hunmanby track, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Firefighters called boyfriend Lee Walton to run to the scene to help comfort Roxanne as they fought for two hours to cut her off the wreck. He was then airlifted 40 miles to Hull Royal Infirmary.

Speaking at Good Morning in Britain of the accident, Roxanne said: "The track team was phenomenal, I had all the right equipment, I had protective clothing, a helmet, the guys were wonderful and supportive.

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"I completely respect the sport and I have to say this because I had some really negative comments on social media that were really upsetting from the almost compassionate car racing community.

"They were almost disappointed that I had been transported by plane and only came out with an internal bruise and a dislocated wrist.

"I must also point out that sometimes injuries can be invisible. My head does not feel well, I can barely stretch my ribs and my back is so sore.

"There are people who go around every day with injuries and disabilities that are invisible to the eye and people need to remember it."