Cesare Battisti: four meurtres and a permanent revision comb

Cesare Battisti, former activist of extrême gauche, came to Italy on Monday to purge a recurring criminal offense after the sentencing in 1981 for direct and indirect roles in four murders.

– Pier Luigi Torregiani, the bijoutier –

Le 16 février 1979, a command of the PAC (Prolétaires armés pour le communisme), a group of extrême gauche I consider myself a "terrorist" of Rome, abbot Pier Luigi Torregiani for the showcase of sa jewelry in Milan and the yeux de son, Alberto, 15 years old. Gravement blessed, Alberto deventi tétraplégique. "Maintenant, the victims stop resting in peace", he clarified the extradition of Cesare Battisti.

Cesare Battisti was convinced that he was the instigator of death, and decided that he would fight for a flight attempt.

– Lino Sabbadin, le boucher –

Le même jour, on February 16, 1979, Cesare Battisti couvre des complices who lured the bouquet of Lino Sabbadin, aged 45, to Mestre, near Venice, for the same reasons: the boucher had mortally blessed his aggressive titles of an attempt he wanted in December 1978. He was also a militant of extreme droite. "Joungestee ce jour depuis 40 ans", to declare to the Italian press that they are the son Adriano, at the age of 17 years after the death of his father.

Pour ce meurtre, Cesare Battisti was also convicted for complicity.

– Antonio Santoro, kept him out of prison –

On June 6, 1978 Cesare Battisti Udine (northeast) ordered an officer of the prison corps, who commanded the house of arrest of the city, Antonio Santoro, 51, accused of some properties at the gates of giving them

Cesare Battisti is convinced that you have the functionality of the penitentiary administration.

– Andrea Campagna, the police driver –

On April 19, 1979, Cesare Battisti Milan killed Andrea Campagna, 24 years old, a driver of the Digos, the Italian secret service charged with the fight against terrorism and the extreme gauche. "Andrea was a driver, not an interviewer (…) Ils sont arrive in the room where I put a ball in my head", to be found in La Repubblica are Bruno Maurizio.

Cesare Battisti was convicted of having thrown my coup de feu mortel. The communiqué publié alors par les PAC, Andrea Campagna is unquestionably a "tortionnaire de prolétaires & # 39 ;.