Charles Aznavour, his regret for David Hallyday from Johnny's death

Charles Aznavour, his regret for David Hallyday from Johnny's death

Very close to Johnny Hallyday, Charles Aznavour had hitherto kept silent about his friend. Guest this morning RTL, the singer mentioned the Taulier and made it clear that he would like to collaborate with his son, David.

Wounded in the arm, Charles Aznavour this summer had to solve to cancel a series of concerts planned in France. At the age of 94, the singer is now ready to return to service. On the radio, this morning he speaks at the microphone of the person in charge of the Culture service of RTL, Anthony Martin, his future tour, his health problems and, against all odds, his friendship with Johnny Hallyday. Surprising by a discreet man, until now he remained silent on the disappearance of the Taulier. " Johnny is one of the people I miss , He admits still Charles Aznavour with an unfinished emotion. At the beginning of the rocker's career which passed away last December, the two men had a part-time roof.

Frankly as usual, the interpreter of Bohemia announces from the beginning not to appreciate the personalities of every kind that have succeeded in television to recall, with tears in their eyes, their past friendship with the father of David, Laura, Jade and Joy. Charles Aznavour knows that he shared something strong with the Taulier, although he admits, towards the end, that he was kept away from his friend by some members of the rocker's sequel. Silent of the controversy of the inheritance, Charles Aznavour evokes the half-words on the fact that David Hallyday did not have the right to look at his father's posthumous album, My country is love, which will be released in the bins on October 19th. " It would be a shame if his son David could not continue what his father started ", He says. As if to demonstrate his unshakeable support for his 52-year-old father, Charles Aznavour then slips into the following words: " [David] it works well, it has done beautiful things, maybe I can take it from time to time for a melody. If David Hallyday is back in the recording studio, Johnny's eldest son knows he can see a future collaboration with the legendary Charles Aznavour. He will have to wait for the nonagenarian to finish his international tour. Next Monday, Charles Aznavour will begin his concert series in Tokyo, Japan.


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