Charles Aznavour: "It would be a shame if David did not continue the work of Johnny Hallyday"

The last sacred monster of the French song, which is now 94 years old, has released an interview with RTL in which he gave reassuring news about his health. In verve, he also talked about his return to the scene, his projects and a possible artistic collaboration with David Hallyday.

Indestructible, he talked about his friends, his loves and his boredom. Almost four months after the fall that forced him to postpone his world tour, Charles Aznavour released an interview this morning at RTL. Visibly well recovered from his domestic accident, the unforgettable singer La Boheme he gave details about his health and talked about his imminent return on the stage. He eventually mentioned his friendship for David Hallyday, which is for him the natural successor of Johnny, his father.

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Reassured by the good news of improving the health of the last sacred monster of the French song Le Figaro presents a selection of the most important moments of his interview on RTL.

Aznavour, a force of character

"I'm doing badly and well, bad, because it's painful, but because I'm optimistic." I fell twice, the second time on my head, but my head healed immediately and my arm did not have four fractures in my arm. it's used for something. "

The great Charles wants to find his audience quickly

"[…] I might not be all right on stage. I will often use my big chair. If I get bored, I'll take my cane to go on stage. I think I have enough facility with the public, we have always agreed very well. I will not pretend and I will take myself as I am[…] Yes, I can not wait to find the public[…]"

Aznavour, or the art of not getting old

"[…]We live very well when we are old, and sometimes often better than when we were young because we learned a lot. It has also been learned that many things must be abandoned, that old age is not the last prison in the world. Old age is learned, it works, it is done but as much as if we were young. I'm just getting old, I'm not getting old. "

David, the successor of Johnny Hallyday

"[…]Johnny is one of the people I miss, and that's it. If we had not seen each other for a while, it's because people did not want to see me so much, I was dangerous, I wonder. […]David, his son, works well, has done beautiful things, maybe I can take it from time to time for a tune, we do not go out of the family.[…]It would be a pity if his son did not continue, which his father started ".

The interview of Charles Aznavour on RTL