Chelsi Smith died, the second black woman to defeat Miss Universe

Chelsi Smith, the first and only woman born in Texas to win the crown as Miss Universe, died last Saturday at the age of 45 after fighting liver cancer, said her family.

"We are appalled by the news that Chelsi Smith has died after a long illness," his family said in a statement.

She was diagnosed with cancer in the spring of 2017, after she started her beauty queen career in 1994, when she got the title from Miss Galveston, and then won the Mississue Miss USA and Miss USA in the following year.

Smith, crowned Miss Universe in 1995, is the first biracial woman to win the triple crown of the contest, Miss Texas, Miss USA and Miss Universe.

She was 22 years old and attended the San Jacinto Community College when the judges of the Miss Universe competition in Namibia, Africa, selected her as the winner among 81 other participants.

Last month, Smith traveled to his mother's home in Pennsylvania, where he stayed until he died on Saturday afternoon, according to the family statement.

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