Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth off Star Trek 4 – YouRocket

Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth off Star Trek 4 – YouRocket

The actors Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth they will not be inside Star Trek 4 due to wage problems. through The Wrap, Paramount is not willing to increase salaries for the two players, despite having commitments with Marvel and DC. The problem is that the actors are asking for a better salary, but at the same time the studio wants to cut the budget.

The next film was about to go back Chris Hemsworth Like George Kirk, we really wanted to see how they were supposed to revive the character. For now, it is not known whether the secondary cast will be back, but this leaves the new director in a bad position SJ Clarkson.

Although it can not be reported to Pine and Hemsworth normally indicates that the project is a total collapse, the site indicates that Paramount does not plan to stop the development of Star Trek 4. A new reboot could be in the future of the franchise, but to what extent it is not clear. If Pine and Hemsworth are out, some of the other cast members could do the same, or take on bigger roles if the studio does not choose to hire new actors, and instead simply eliminate the Kirks from the franchise.