Colombia: thousands of demonstrators for the dismissal of the Attorney General

Thousands protested Friday in Bogota and several other cities in Colombia to demand the resignation of the Prosecutor General, accused of involvement in the corruption scandal in connection with the Brazilian group Odebrecht.

The public prosecutor, Nestor Humberto Martinez, was the target of requests for dismissal, as the press claimed in December that he had been aware of irregular activities by the Brazilian group BPT while he was the lawyer of the company Corficolombiana, partner of Odebrecht in Colombia, and that he had not sued them.

The demonstrators marched through the main Colombian cities with placards that proclaimed: "Colombia wants the dismissal of the prosecutor" and "Out!" And "Corrupt!" Recite.

"We are tired that there is so much corruption, there is no justice," said Rafael Guerrero, a manager who participated in the demonstration in Bogota, to AFP.

Meetings for the resignation of the Prosecutor General also took place in Medellin, in the north-west, in Baranquilla, in the north and in other departmental capitals.

After a similar mobilization in Peru, the Peruvian Ministry of Justice accepted the resignation of Prosecutor General Pedro Gonzalez Chavarry on 8 January.

The latter had tried to dismiss a team of investigators who were engaged in a corruption case related to Odebrecht and where high personalities were Peruvian involved.