Come back unexpected

Come back unexpected

While fatigue begins to explain Marvel's superheroes and serial killers, it seems they have become common, while the narco grows and multiplies with stories of all kinds, the fans of terror no longer know whether to laugh or cry before unexpected returns like Michel Myers.

The saga considered cult of machetero created by John Carpenter, who forty years ago that blood ran through the city that saw him born, returns in a last turn of the nut of his hand and onion knife to face his nemesis: Laurie Strode (played by today's grandmother, Jamie Lee Curtis) in direct sequel.

The task of taking the controls of Myers' handles is now the unclassifiable David Gordon Green, with the personal brand of Carpenter taking care of his money as an executive producer, also offering a disturbing soundtrack, as in before the cousin saga of Jason Vorhees. The theme is a direct return to the violence of disturbing purity, the unbalanced gore and the corresponding slasher account. His first is announced the first days of October, except for what the buccaneers say.

Houston, Houston … we have a problem. Biopic on Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on the moon and all the theories that have been run around him, according to NASA. Of course all the details were taken care of to create an agonizing tension and the conspiracy theories that were in that period were omitted, in the sense that everything was a montage filmed by Stanley Kubrick (involving Nixon, The CIA, Kissinger and some elite murders , to which the director of 2001 was brought forward). Ryan Gosling plays the "first man", the astronaut who then had a life of burden by paying more than the price of his business, with a story based on the novel by James R. Hansen.


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