Congratulations for this egg to become the most popular post of Instagram ever

Hello and welcome to this news item about an important egg.

This is what happened: a photo of an egg, just an egg, was uploaded to Instagram on January 4 with one goal: to become the most beloved post on the platform ever. His competition? The birth announcement of Kylie Jenner. Ten days later we can report that the egg has done it.

Image of a brand new human child from one of the most # loving families on the internet? Eighteen million likes. A picture of an egg? Twenty-seven million likes and count.

The egg has won. It's just an egg.

We asked the managers of the egg – the "Egg Gang" – to comment on their performance. They have not responded yet. The Instagram story of the egg contains a brief explanation.

"This is madness, what a time to live." The Egg Gang also promises that this is not the last you hear from Egg.

Meanwhile Jenner reacted to the egg on Instagram by cracking one of his relatives on the hot sidewalk, saying "Take that little egg."

The (short) history of viral social media costs in the world is full of unexplained phenomena such as Egg. In 2017, a teenager managed to deactivate Ellen DeGeneres Oscars selfie as the most retweet tweet of all time. . . a plea for free chicken nuggets to Wendy's brand account. A Japanese billionaire released the kipnugget tweet last week with a tweet that promised to give away a lot of money to 100 people who retweeted him.

The Egg has also posted more than 1 million responses to the actual post, along with many more egg-emoji swaps on Jenner's more recent Instagram photos. Egg fans celebrated the coverage of Egg, made a lot of wordplay about defeating & # 39; & # 39; from the record and demanded that the egg also tried to conquer other social media records.

In an update of their Instagram story on Monday morning, the mysterious Egg Gang revealed the, perhaps inevitable, next step for an extremely viral egg: Egg Gang merch falls quickly.