Cressida Dick says that the death of Jean Charles de Menezes remained with her United Kingdom news

Cressida Dick, the oldest police officer in Brtiain, admitted that the events surrounding the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, killed by police after being mistaken for a suspected terrorist, continue to "stay" with her.

Talking to Lauren Laverne as a castaway on BBC Radio 4 & # 39; s Discs Desert Island Today, the 58-year-old said he had often thought about filming in 2005 during an anti-terrorist operation she commanded.

"The events of that day stand with one, I think about it quite often," he said. "It was a traumatic period, it was a terrible moment for so many people, obviously and above all the family of Jean Charles, the people who were there when it happened, the firearms officers, the overseers," said Dick, the first woman to be named Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

He added: "I was very aware that it was a hundred million times worse for others than it was for me, but I was very high-profile, rightly required to account."

However, he said that the metropolitan police had digested the lessons of the incident during which De Menezes was repeatedly hit in the head in the Stockwell subway station, in the south of London by agents who have exchanged the 27 year old Brazilian for a suicide bomber . Later, Dick was cleaned up by every jury.

"I understand that I have learned a lot about how operations such as these can be done." Met has learned a lot and the testament to this is the hundreds and hundreds of weapons operations since then. "

During the interview, Dick, the first openly gay person to direct the Met, said that his sexuality was probably the "less interesting" aspect of her and that he was aware of the fact that he could show the force in a more progressive light.

"I am aware that it makes people see the organization in a slightly different way and the fact that I am seen as perhaps a little different in some respects, I realize sometimes that young people think , & # 39; I can try, I feel different, I can try. "


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