Cyril Hanouna already at work with one of his recruits of the season (PHOTO)

Cyril Hanouna already at work with one of his recruits of the season (PHOTO)

Back to school, in a few weeks, e Cyril Hanouna actively prepares the moderator Do not touch my post! in a few days, a sacred marathon will begin. In fact, in addition to its prime time access talk show, it will offer a live broadcast every Thursday evening. And other news: the C8 will be present on Friday in the second half of the evening, in a program called Do not touch my France. He will be accompanied by an eclectic band, from Doc Gyneco to the novelist Diane Ducret, the former facilitator Laurent Fontaine or the activist Karim Zéribi, ex-Great Maw of RMC.

⋙ Cyril Hanouna is recruiting a figure from RMC's Grand Gueules!

And even if you still enjoy a few sunny days in Cannes, Cyril Hanouna is already at work. Design the future content of Do not touch my France, in the company of Karim Zéribi. "In Cannes, we work as" eggs "on the new talk show hosted by Cyril Hanouna on the C8 at the beginning of September, tweeted the former deputy, photos in support. With our beautiful team, it becomes cardboard! See you soon friends".

The fanzouzes will discover the new Baba number in a few weeks. She will like it as much as she does Do not touch my post! ? No doubt his hearings will in any case be examined.

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