DALS 9: Carla Ginola the victim of a production manipulation? His response to his father's accusations

Interviewed by Télé-Loisirs, Carla Ginola responded to her father's allegations about participation in Danse avec les étoiles. Invited to the set of Terran Saturday, he claimed that his daughter had not been judged for her qualities as a dancer, but for her low reputation.

It is a dad can not be furious that the spectators of the Saturday on Earth found on November 3rd. Asked about the short participation of his daughter Carla in Dance with the starsDavid Ginola did not use the word. Asserting that his progeny had been evacuated At the end of the first eliminations, the former footballer suggested to have been the victim ofa manipulation of production. " There are decisions made at the level of the show that I do not like He said. And to add: " She was not judged for her dancing qualities, she was judged for the fact that she was not a recognized star. "

In an interview with Tele-LoisirsCarla Ginola answered the accusations of her famous father. If you compare your participation in Dance with the stars to " a crazy opportunity The young woman is still struggling to understand her elimination. " I did not think I was one of the first to leave […] Many people wondered how it is possible to be eliminated when I was in the 4th or 5th place in the ranking of judges, I myself did not understand. However, the influencer refuses toaccuse the production of the cheating dance contest : " I do not think the show would go that far! "

So why did David Ginola insinuate the opposite? " My father knows a little about my dancing skills. He knows I'm a boss so he thought I could go further, answers Carla Ginola to our confreres. I know he is very disappointed for me and it feels like I've been evacuated too quickly. Everything is explained.