"DALS": Injured, Pamela Anderson "fights to make a perfect first performance"

"DALS": Injured, Pamela Anderson "fights to make a perfect first performance"

Pamela Anderson participates in season 9 of "Dance with the Stars" – LAURENT VU / TF1

This is THE star of the program and it seems that his participation in it Dance with the stars do not start as good as possible.
Pamela Anderson has decided to talk about her participation DALS on his behalf
Instagram, this Saturday. And it seems that she has met her first difficulties during rehearsals.

"I hope to surprise people, I have a little bit of injury, regrets the American actress, I ripped 80% of the right hamstring – so I'm struggling to make a perfect first performance, I'm surrounded by strong people and a very serious athlete by my side My partner is a genius and we will go as far as we can, but this injury does not detract from the determination of Pamela Anderson.

"I want to go beyond myself"

"I got the wind of a few rumors that I had a lot of euros for Dals – more than anyone else in the history of the game … But I want to assure you that I will not do this show for the money, she said. I want to go beyond myself, to see what I can do. I have not just signed for three shows. It's impossible. It is up to the public to decide. "Case to follow, then.

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