Diam has left France: the revelations of her friend Vitaa

While she was in Marseille, singer Vitaa used an interview with the La Provence newspaper to tell rare news about her big friend Diam & # 39; s and to reveal that the former rapper left France and now concentrates on her role of mother of family.

It has been a while since the general public has heard of Diam's news. An absolute star of French rap in the 90s, the artist has become increasingly rare in the press in recent years. This week it is one of her best friends, vocalist Vitaa, who was in Marseille to give a concert. Interviewed by the newspaper Provence, she agreed to give some news about Diam & # 39; s. According to her, the rapper no longer lives in France and has settled abroad. However, Vitaa does not state exactly where her girlfriend is, or even when she has left the country.

Despite the distance that separates them now, Vitaa and Diam & # 39; s have remained very close since their cooperation in 2010 on the piece Nocturnal confessions. Never has the connection been broken between the two women. " As soon as she comes to France, we spend time togethershe entrusted Provence. She is really my friend and she is very happy in her choice of life. Some people find it difficult to understand, but she is so happy that I understand her choices. I also hear that she is missing people Vitaa confirms that her companion has "the music stopped completelyand she prefers to focus fulltime on her family life.

After research, the magazine audience confirms that Diam & # 39; s indeed left the village of Yvelines where she lived for a few years. According to the publication, the artist left the region and the country to leave for Saudi Arabia. Diam & # 39; s, her children and her husband would have packed their bags there a year ago. Information so far unnoticed. Diam & # 39; s had been talking about it in recent years due to various rumors, one of which was possibly calling return in interim rap and the release of a new album. Melanie Georgiades, her real name, had spoken on Twitter to deny the information. The social network of the blue bird remains to this day the only way the admirers of the rapper still get news.