Efremova congratulated for the 55th anniversary of the cake in the face

Actor Mikhail Efremov decided to celebrate his 55th anniversary a day earlier and did so on stage, during the cult performance "Chapaev and the Void" based on the novel by Victor Pelevin.

In the middle of a play on November 9th, the actor announced to the public an "advertising break" and congratulated himself.

Subsequently, colleagues joined the "congratulations", who brought the cake to the stage and sent it to Ephremova.

"During the show, at the most unexpected moment for an actor, the actor Pavel Sborschikov, who plays the role of Serdyuk in the show, has imperceptibly brought a birthday cake directly to the stage and launched it at the birthday of person, "said PR-performance manager Konstantin Filippov.

According to him, the audience supported the joke with applause and cries of congratulations. The joke was much appreciated by Efremov himself, although it was very unexpected.

In Pavel's drama, Ursula Efremov plays the role of the primary of the asylum and of the legendary divisional division Chapaev.

Previously, the actor commented on a proposal from a Rostov blogger to snatch the title of "Honored Artist of Russia" for his statement that Russia had fallen into an "imperialistic spectrum" and "was experiencing phantom pains" because of the territories lost after the collapse of the USSR. Efremov was short and said it was "on the drum" for the title.