Elizaveta Boyarskaya: "The most important event for our family is the expectation of a second child"

Elizaveta Boyarskaya // Photo: Instagram

Elizaveta Boyarskaya has been at the height of its popularity for many years. Each of his roles is actively discussed by the fans, causing only a positive reaction from the critics.

Despite the busy schedule, the artist still finds time to spend time with his loved ones. Again and again, Elizabeth repeats that her husband, Maxim Matveyev, and her son Andrei are the most important people in her life. Soon, Boyarskaya will become a mother for the second time and she defines pregnancy as the happiest event of the 2018 coming out.

"In January, a very important and joyful event happened – I received the royal eagle for my role as Anna Karenina, and this year, Maxim and I received the title of Honorary Artist on several occasions. , I received a prize in the nomination "Best Actress" in the pilot episode of the Pilot series for the work in "Crow." And of course, the main and most important event for our family is the & # 39; expectation of a second child.The work is important for both, but the family is much more important, so we have time for everything, "said Boyarskaya in an interview.

The spouses do not get tired of showing the family idyll // Photo: Instagram

According to the actress, she loves spending time with her family in a country house in her native St. Petersburg, and also likes to walk along the river bank with her husband and her son. These are precious moments that fill the Boiardi forces for new achievements in their careers.

In this case, Elizabeth has time to play immediately in eight shows, acting simultaneously in the movies. Of course, combining acting with daily duties is not easy, but Boyarsky has a miraculous success.

"I have many responsibilities, like my mother, my wife, my daughter, like any housewife in the family, who has time to cook, in time to pay for the baby's mugs, to go shopping, I have a uniform schedule and always I work a lot with my son, I try in the theater, sometimes I meet friends … If there is such an opportunity, then I go to museums or exhibitions, to the cinema ", underlined the star.

Maxim and Elizabeth do not like publicizing personal life // Photo: Instagram

While Elizabeth and her spouse prefer not to discuss the sex of the unborn child and the possible date of birth. However, fans do not doubt that for the second child Boyars will be the perfect mother. At least in the education of the first-born Andrey, he tries to keep the gold average without overloading the boy with various activities. "A child should have a childhood where there is enough time to play, anger, make jokes, meet friends, watch cartoons, but at the same time, I want Andrei to be picked up, responsible, focused Therefore, it has its domestic functions, class schedules.We go swimming, doing English, maths, chess and music.We have removed from your son's program all that he does not like.Andrei is engaged only in what he wants, in the his program there are those lessons he likes to attend, "said the actress.

Communicate with "KP", Boyarskaya noted that now he feels an absolutely happy person. The actress is very sought after in the profession and loved. Despite the challenging and difficult schedule, it would not change her job, because it is the game on stage and in movies that helps Elizabeth to learn something new every day.