English colors corrector for "Friday Market"

English colors corrector for "Friday Market"

Art News: English Color Corrector for "Friday Market"

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Saturday 11 August 2018 06:45 The producer Ahmed Abdel Basset announced his contract with an English-colored corrector for the film "Souk Al Jumah", after Ayman Abdel Basset carried out the process of correcting the colors of advertising for the film which was released a few days ago. Scheduled to be launched within the next few hours.

The color corrector started his job at the company headquarters a few days ago, and producer Ahmed Abdel Basset confirmed he had used an English color checker to show the work as best he could.

The film "Souk Al Jumah" will be presented in the next season of Eid al-Adha, with Amr Abdel-Galil, Sabri Fawaz, King Abdel-Ghafour, Dalal Abdel-Aziz, Mohamed Lotfi, Ahmed Fathi, Mohamed Ezz, Mahmoud Hegazy, Nihy Saleh, Saloui Mohamed Ali, Qusada Mohamed El Tahawy, screenwriter Ahmed Adel Sultan and directed by Sameh Abdel Caro and producer Ayman and Ahmed Abdel Basset.

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source: Shorouq Portal