Europeans: worn by the "yellow vests", the RN enters the campaign

The RN between Sunday campaigning for the European elections, unveiling part of its list, to "do better" than in 2014, helped by the "yellow vests", opponents in difficulty and the arrival to the power of allies in Europe .

The President of the National Marine Rally Le Pen will present the first twelve candidates on his list at a meeting in Paris in the afternoon, including "a third of the goers, a third of the incoming and a third of the rallies" ". She will be led by her faithful and young spokeswoman, Jordan Bardella, 23, who will be the baptism of fire.

Among the rallies, the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, LR, Thierry Mariani, was in third place, an emblem of the rally that the RN (ex-FN) has strived for since he changed his name in June, as well as the former deputy LR of Gironde, Jean-Paul Garraud.

It remains to be seen whether Mr Mariani, a former Vaucluse member who has 'regretted' the Treaty of Lisbon in 2005, will lead many LR militants in his wake. His demonstration is "only himself", said Thursday against AFP the mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet (Alpes-Maritimes), Lionel Luca, in the name of the current LR Right People, co-founded by Mr. Mariani.

– "Do better" than in 2014 –

Thierry Mariani, who will speak briefly, has in any case "not wanted to do the figuration" at the RN, which he has not yet taken. He will participate, as well as Jordan Bardella, during the first meeting in the province of Marine Le Pen on Saturday, January 19 in Le Thor, in the Vaucluse.

The RN could also be in second place, according to L & # 39; Opinion, a newcomer, Hélène Laporte, regional councilor of New Aquitaine and banking analyst, member of the national bureau (extended direction).

A representative of civil society, the essayist Hervé Juvin, a supporter of a civilizing ecology, would take the 5th place.

Among the losers, the MEP and co-chair of the group's RN in the European Parliament, Nicolas Bay, would only take the 7th place. Parity mandatory, the MEP and the mother of the deputy Bruno Bilde, Dominique Bilde, would be the 4th and Joëlle Mélin the 6th.

The group of 24 elected RN in Strasbourg has fused to 15, especially after the failure of the presidential elections, which caused the departure of former number 2 Florian Philippot and other elected parties at Debout France.

Leave at least the leadership in France and form a blocking minority in the European Parliament that embodies an "alternation", these are the objectives of the NR vote of 26 May.

"We have every reason to do better than in 2014", when the RN triumphed with 25% of the votes and 24 elected, assures Philippe Olivier, adviser to Marine Le Pen.

"Our opponents at LR and the PS are not very dartel anymore, the EU is not great with a shaky German chancellor and a French president who is not fit," he says.

– First opponent –

The collection of MM. Mariani and Garraud are taking part in this "recomposition" of political life in the presidential election, argues Marine Le Pen. Nicolas Bay says that LR "disappears" and that we "have to make contact" with his constituents.

Declared to 24% of the voting intentions, before the Republic in March, "the RN has a boulevard for him", says the sociologist Sylvain Crépon, for whom the national-populist party is "helped" by the movement of "vests" yellow " and "the difficulties of the government, LR and LFI".

No representative of the "yellow vests", who support the voters of the RN en masse, will not be on the list. "We are all + yellow cardigans +", explains Marine Le Pen, who kept a distance that defies political representation.

His caution seems to have borne fruit. His party continues to make progress in the polls and becomes the one who "best embodies the opposition" to the head of state, for France Insoumise, according to Ifop.

The RN does not deviate from its anti-immigration and identity line, which it shares with its nationalist allies in power in Europe. These parties are preparing a "joint event" whose date has not yet been determined.