Everyone wants to take his place: Marie-Christine beats a world record

VIDEO – Friday afternoon and surpasses the 192 victories of Christian Quesada The 12 strokes of the afternoon on TF1, this mother of 48 has become the biggest winner of a game show in France, but also worldwide.

Where does Marie-Christine stop? This is a question that the loyal viewers of Everyone wants to take their place to land on France 2. This Friday afternoon of a total of 193 victories, this 48-year-old candidate has become the biggest champion of a game show in France. A record of the lifetime so far held by Christian Quesada, the candidate of the competitive show, The 12 strokes of the afternoon . Between 4 July 2016 and 14 January 2017 on TF1, the last 192 victories had been achieved. On the side of the pot, the cumulated 194.100 euro can be counted to date.

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A French record but also a world record. Marie-Christine is the solo candidate with the most wins. On a global scale, only Spaniards did better than Marie-Christine, in Tree! on Antena 3 cumulative, in early October, with more than 320 participations and 1.6 million euros in profits. Only difference with Marie-Christine: "Los lobos" played at four o'clock and entered the Guinness Book. On September 29, this 48-year-old woman had already broken the record of the winnings and victories of the daily game that Nagui had offered up to now by Julien.

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"It really does not touch me more than that, the most important thing for me is to show that a woman can be the first to arrive in an eju", this mother reacted to twins in the columns of Tele-Loisirs. His goal today? "Why do not you try to earn 200,000 euros," she added, without setting a date deviation. "I am very playful, not a matter of deliberately losing, I really enjoy that". With more than 190,000 euros, she plans to pay off a mortgage and deposit money for her children. "It brings peace, I'm no longer afraid of the future," she concluded in this interview.

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