Everything you need to remember in Season 3 of Game of Thrones & # 39;

Be careful, because this post is dark and full of spoilers Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7.

Valar Morghulis, friends. You have just entered the Citadel of Mashable, where we are Rewatching for the thronedissect Game of Thrones prepare season by season for the last six episodes that start on April 14th.

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These are the best Seasonal 3 theories, unanswered questions, unsolved storylines and forgotten facts you have to remember before the end of the winter for the final game in Season 8.

What is the power of King & # 39; s blood?

Fire and blood, blood of my blood, blood magic, royal blood – blood is important Game of Thrones. But even the most knowledgeable fans have no idea how or why.

Melisandre looks hungrily at Gendry's royal blood.

Melisandre looks hungrily at Gendry's royal blood.

Melisandre insists that Gendry be sacrificed for the blood of his king in season 3. But then she is in one way or another about the burning of only a few leeches with his blood and the mention of the usurpans Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy and Joffrey Baratheon. Then they each died one by one.

But it is debatable whether the leeches actually caused deaths. People die all the time, especially during war. The blood of the same king also failed to do anything when the poor, innocent Shireen Baratheon was full of burning as a sacrifice in season 5.

And what is even the royal blood & # 39; Does a person suddenly receive magical blood after declaring himself royalty? It is not just about who is officially the king, because in the books Mel says that even Mance – the king outside the wall – has powerful royal blood.

There are a few ways to interpret the claim that there is power in the king's blood.

The first is simply that it is nonsense, and only Melisandre's clever lies, tricks and stupid happiness.

Gendry is good for more than just rowing.

Gendry is good for more than just rowing.

But we have pretty solid evidence to suggest that blood magic works. The witch Mirri Maz Duur uses it to "bring back" Khal Drogo. Sacrificing her as a sacrifice probably had something to do with Daenerys who succeeded in performing the ritual to incubate the dragon eggs.

Historians also agree in general that the power and ability of the ancient Valyria to tame dragons came from blood magic (all that Targaryen incest would be called for the "blood of the dragon & # 39; keep clean). It is possible that the power of the blood of King is actually the power of the Targaryen blood, since Baratheons also have Targaryen ancestors.

Or as Varys suggests, perhaps it is that "the power is where men believe it is, it's a trick, a shadow on the wall." As in, the power of the king's blood can come from the faith and the ulcers subject swear their kings and houses. Remember that when Stannis Shireen sacrificed almost all of his banner men abandoned him, which arguably means that he was no longer king at that time.

One thing is certain: blood (or at least descent) is doing correlate with magical powers, and not only with the Targaryens. The Starks and Reeds are known to have old bloodlines that gave them powers such as greenseeing (psychic visions and dreams) and warping (addictive thinking with animals).

All hugely important, unanswered mysteries around the Reed

Jojen and Meera seemingly fulfilled their roles after helping Bran become the Three-Eyed-Raven. But a cunning mention in Season 3 of their mysterious father, Howland Reed, refers to the much larger mysteries in the family, including the real identity of Jon.

I mean, did not you wonder why the Reed children were so dead to give their lives for Bran?

In episode 2, Jojen and Bran discuss how their father's friends were, and Howland even saved Ned's life during Roberts uprising. We had no idea how important that would be. That is until season 6, when Bran flashes back on that fateful day in the Tower of Joy.

Howland Reed not only saved Ned but also witnessed (and kept secret) the conspiracy to hide the true origins of Jon Snow.

That makes him a (if not the) nothing but) living surviving person who can confirm to the rest of Westeros that Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and heir to the iron throne. Because you know that the drug-driven visions of Bran probably will not do much to convince the gentlemen and ladies who matter.

There are even wilder questions about the extremely old bloodline of the Reeds, with ancestors who reportedly had a couple with the Children of the Forest. The suspicion is that this is the reason why they and other northern houses such as the Starks who have magical skills such as deforming and seeing green.

Very striking, we know almost nothing concrete about House Reed and the old secrets they keep hidden in their region of the neck. The is known that the Weirwood trees there (which gave Bran access to visions) were testimony to some of the most important events in the history of Westeros.

What did Jojen know and what does Howland know?

What did Jojen know and what does Howland know?

In particular, the Isle of Faces is the holy place where the First Men and Children signed a peace agreement thousands of years ago to end the war between them. It can be the site of countless other mysteries, such as those depicted in the cave drawings of Season 7 – when the men and children worked together to defeat the white hikers during the long night.

In season 7 Meera went back home to her father Howland after a grateful goodbye to Bran. It would be a disgrace if after all that was the last thing we ever saw of the reeds.

Melisandre told Arya that they would see each other again

In season 3 the red woman was added to the killer of Arya for kidnapping Gendry. The unusual thing is that Melisandre, unlike everyone else, took Pre-Faceless Men Arya very seriously.

Really Melisandre shook Arya, "I see a darkness in you and in that darkness, eyes staring at me: brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes." Eyes that you will close forever. We will meet again. "

Melisandre has to get used to the darkness she is always talking about.

Melisandre has to get used to the darkness she is always talking about.

That could be the eyes of any of the goals that have already been eliminated from Arya's list. But in combination with Melisandre's Season 7 statement that she and Varys will both die in Westeros, it sounds very like one of those eyes will be Mel & # 39; s.

Ironically, it is one of the few predictions that Melisandre is undoubtedly right, because at the moment it is simple mathematics: Elite assassin training + Arya + kill list = dead Mel in season 8.

What does a "fire wight" mean for Jon and Beric?

Jon's general sexiness helps us to forget, but our boy is literally the runaway. Like Beric from the Brotherhood Without Banners in season 3, Jon was brought back by the Lord of Light – at least according to the Red Priestess who did the magic to revive him.

Thoros died in season 7, so Beric now has no one to raise him.

Thoros died in season 7, so Beric now has no one to raise him.

But how does life again come to life by the Lord of Light, and what does it mean in the long run?

On a show like Game of ThronesIt is difficult to imagine that being brought back from death will have no consequences, or at least a solid explanation for how and why. Fortunately, this is a question that George R. R. Martin made quite explicit about in 2017 Time interview when he revealed what Jon and Beric actually are:

"Poor Beric Dondarrion, who was set as the foreshadowing of all this … Every time (he is brought back) he is a little less Beric, his memories are fading, he has all these scars, he is getting physically more horrible because he is not living person is more, his heart is not right, his blood does not flow in his veins, he is a wight, but a wight animated by fire instead of by ice. "

That's right: our boy Jon, savior of the living who fight against the White Hikers and their undead wights, is basically a lot like them as a resuscitated corpse or "firearm."

What that actually means is a riddle for Season 8 to solve. But probably it has something to do with the Azhor Ahai prophecy, which describes that the Prince who was promised as returned from the dead.

Jon Snow is a fire and we have to talk about that.

Jon Snow is a fire and we have to talk about that.

Given what we know about the White Walkers, it could mean that the resurrected Jon and Beric are more susceptible to control by the Lord of Light (or whatever the source of that fire magic is). In the episode "Beyond the Wall" of Season 7, Jon shows signs of more openness to the Lord of Light after Beric explains his belief in the R & # 39; hllor religion.

Their nature as fire clouds could make Jon and Beric the only ones immune to the ice magic of the White Walkers. Or perhaps ice-cold clouds, fire guards can become more insensitive to fire.

If we want to use all the conspiracy theories of the aluminum foil, the Red Priests of R & amp; hllor can retrieve people from the dead to fight for the living against the frozen undead of the White Walkers.

What voice did Varys hear in the flames?

Kinvara has the number of Varys.

Kinvara has the number of Varys.

One of the most revealing yet mysterious scenes about Varys takes place in season 3, when he tells Tyrion about the night he was neutered as a child:

One day a certain man in Myr made an offer to my master that was too tempting to refuse. I was afraid the man wanted to use me as I had heard that some men were using little boys, but what he wanted was much worse. He gave me a drink that made me powerless to move or speak, but did nothing to extinguish my senses. With a crocheted knife he cut me, rooted and descended, recited all that time. He burned my parts in a fire pot, the flames turned blue and I heard a voice answer his call. I still dream of that night. Not from the wizard, not from his sword, but from the voice. Was it a god? A demon? The trick of a magician? I did not just call the wizard and a voice answered and since that day I have hated magic and everyone who practices it. & # 39;

Exactly what Varys heard in the flames remains a constant mystery. In Mereen in season 6 the Red Priestess Kinvara refers to Varys this night, to his total shock and horror:

"Terrible things happen for a reason, take what happened to you, Lord Varys, when you were a child. If your mutilation was not in the hands of a second-rate wizard, you would not be here to help the chosen ones by the Lord to be his light in the world. Knowledge has made you powerful, but there is still so much that you do not know. Do you remember what you heard that night when the wizard threw you into the fire? You heard a voice from the flames, remember, should I tell you what the voice said, should I tell you the name of the person who spoke? & # 39;

The combination of ritual sacrifice and hearing voices in the flames is very similar to the fact that Varys was used in a ritual sacrifice by a practitioner of the Lord of Light.

Varys has a very bad record with the Red Priests.

Varys has a very bad record with the Red Priests.

So it is quite possible that the voice said something about Azhor Ahai and the threatening destruction of the whole world. Perhaps that is why Varys is so motivated to put a Targaryen back on the throne. Others see this event as a hint that Varys has special blood (see King & # 39; s blood above), a foreshadowing of his potential identity as a secret Targaryen.

It is also possible that in essence we already learned what the voice said in the flames. In Season 7, another Red Priestess feared Varys when Melisandre told him that they would both die in this "strange land" of Westeros.

Others even speculated that it was Bran, in a Hodor-like situation in which he influenced the past to ensure a result in the future.

Why did the white walkers come after Gilly's baby?

This question forms the core of what the White Walkers want. Look here for a deep dive here in our guide for season 2.

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