"Exatlón United States": who won the final?

After a surprise in what was to be his final transmission, the reality of physical competitions "United States Esatlón"He finally developed his conclusions on Sunday, November 4. Who won?

Marisela Cantú, winner of the $ 200,000 prize, was crowned the winner. She is the first woman to be crowned champion of an "Exatlon" all over the world.


channel: Telemundo


United States: 07:00 Eastern time / Central 18:00
Mexico: 17.00
Peru: 6.00am
ecuador: 6.00am
Colombia: 6.00am
chile: 8:00
Argentine: 8:00

As you remember, the end of the program was suspended when the participant Kenny Ochoa presented a stomach problem that led him to be removed from the stage. The result of the competition is outstanding, in which Ochoa and Marisela Cantú will compete for the title.

"United States Esatlón"It not only offers intense competitions to the participants, because the final prize is exceptional." The winner of the program, in addition to taking the title of champion, can go home with US $ 200,000.

"United States Esatlón"was broadcast for 17 consecutive weeks from Monday to Friday, with the Sunday in which the participants were phased out, who will win the final?