EXCLUDED – Jean-Pascal Lacoste on TV with his children: "It does not bother me"

EXCLUDED – Jean-Pascal Lacoste on TV with his children: "It does not bother me"

This is news that many nostalgic people should please Star Academy. Jean-Pascal Lacoste is back on television this Friday, October 12, 2018 on 6th. At 40, the interpreter of the Agitator is displayed You have a package, a new program adapted from the English format Big Box, Little Box in which he is accompanied by his two children and his companion Delphine Tellier.

In this program the cheerful family gets a special delivery with atypical and innovative objects. At the end of the show, after they have been tested, they have to indicate whether they want to buy it or not. A family meeting that takes place every week in prime time and that promises good parts of fun.

For the occasion, Purepeople.com contacted Jean-Pascal. The tall brown man entrusted his motivations to join the project, a well-considered decision with his sweetheart: "When we discussed it with Delphine and the children, the little ones left immediately and wondered if it suited us, because we do not want to do things that do not look like us."Finally the couple started the adventure with the desire to share pleasant moments with the viewers.

If the ex of Jenifer used to be for the general public (he appeared inside Research department, splash or again Camping Paradise), for her two children, Kylie (10 years) and Maverick (6 years), it is a big first. Jean-Pascal does not understand this new media attention: "On my Instagram account I am very proud to show my children. So if they are on social networks today, they can be on TV. It does not bother me."

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