Fanatics looking for the possible trailer of Hellboy

Fanatics looking for the possible trailer of Hellboy

The film of Hellboy which is about to be published in 2019, has been eagerly awaited by its hundreds of fans, who want at least a first version trailer to learn some of the film that is approaching.

Although a year has passed since filming began, so far it has shown absolutely nothing, for the same viewers are looking for what can be announced. At the moment a photograph of the actor and protagonist of the featured film has been revealed.

But he has already started talking about a possible date for the launch of a premiere trailer. It is said that it could occur during the "Comic Con" in New York, to be held on October 6th. Fans believe this would be a suitable date to be able to reveal it.

One of its main indications is that Hellboy I would participate in this great event in the company of other stars, such as David Harbor, Sasha Bianca and Daniel Dae Kim. Could it be that the end of so many fans will come to an end?


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