"Farewell, my dear": Guzeeva's daughter frightened people with a message

Recently it was announced that the older mother of Larisa Guzeeva was brought to the hospital and the fans prayed for her recovery. And now the daughter of the actress Lelia has published the words on a black background in her account: "Farewell, my love."

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On the official page of the daughter of Larisa Guzeeva an expression appeared on a black background: "Farewell, my dear." Fans who follow the life of the presenter and her family were scared.

Users began to discuss the mysterious publication: "Have you seen what your daughter Guzeeva wrote?" "Who says good-bye to them?", "They say her grandmother is in her hospital, maybe she died?", "Writing on a black background, it means she certainly died." ((Larissa always has such poignant messages at visited her, she confessed in love, "" Poor Larissa (here is the sadness (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved .– Ed.)) ".

Photo: instagram.com/stories/lola_dont

The reason for such conclusions was the news that the 86-year-old mother of the actress was in the hospital. Guzeeva did not hide from public problems in the family. On 1 October, Larisa placed a picture: Albina Andreevna is in a hospital bed and from the next bed she stretches out her hand to her granddaughter Lelya.

"My dear girl with a grandmother, my mum, my dear, my little one, my baby, my darling, my love, we will not let you go ❤️❤️❤️," – signed the picture with the text "Let's get married ! " Apparently she is very afraid to lose a dear person.

Guzeeva quickly removed the publication, apparently decided not to advertise their experiences. We add that the 59-year-old actress has a close relationship with her mother. In 1997 Larisa took Alina Andreevna to Moscow. TV presenter has repeatedly admitted that she owes a lot to her mother because she was particularly nervous in her youth.