"Farmer in search of a woman" candidate Guy is a right-wing populist - says RTL

So far this man dominates the headlines of the new season of "Bauer sucht Frau": Farmer Guy, 45, from
In the first episode of the Dome Show, he realized that at the barn party he denounced the three women who had been appointed for him and were instead poached in the field of another farmer.

An unheard event, however, crowned with success: he may now become the 48-year-old
Invite Kathrin for his farm, with which he could get along well in the opening series.

"Farmer seeks women" candidate Guy is not only a farmer but also a politician of the right-wing populist alternative Democratic Reform Party in Luxembourg.

"Bauer sucht Frau": that is what RTL says about Guy & # 39; s political involvement

Even before the second episode of the broadcast of RTL takes place on Monday, Guy makes the news again. As the newspaper "Bild" reports in his latest issue, the 45-year-old farmer is politically involved in the Alternative Democratic Reform Party (ADR) in Luxembourg. This is seen by observers as right-wing populist, and again and again members of the party had to resign because of their proximity to the right edge.

A right-wing populist in "Bauer sucht Frau" – that says
this? In general, even politically active farmers can participate in the broadcast, but the political direction in the program is not provided, "said a spokesperson for the station at the request of the star, It was known in advance about the candidate's membership in the ADR. However, that was not a problem: "Since it is a legal party in a democratic country, this is not an automatic obstacle for" Bauer sucht Frau "to find the woman for life. & # 39;

So the coming weeks we will probably witness how Guy tries to capture the heart of the tattooed Kathrin. In his flirt attempts he will have to circumvent the subject politically. Maybe not a bad idea: it is quite possible that the educator is not enthusiastic about correct slogans.