Father Megan Markle released a scandalous interview on Prince Harry

Father Megan Markle released a scandalous interview on Prince Harry

Thomas Markle said that presumably Prince Harry advised him to keep his mouth shut with the media

Father Megan Markle Thomas. Photo of: TVNet

Father Megan Markle Thomas. Photo of: TVNet

The Duchess of Sussex's father, Megan Markle Thomas Markle, who recently released a scandalous interview, does not stop talking in the media with statements about the royal family.

Now Thomas Markle swears that this was his last media interview. The Daily Mail published a story about Prince Harry's phone call, in which the queen's nephew warned Thomas of the consequences of this communication with journalists.

The Duchess's father says she never met Prince Harry personally, but before the royal wedding with her future son-in-law, she had a warm relationship. They were presented in absentia to each other and often called upon to discuss the correct tactics in communicating with journalists. Interestingly, Prince Harry advised Thomas to avoid the paparazzi.

"Harry told me that I never contacted the press that would end in tears, he warned:" They will eat you alive. "And he was right," said Thomas Markle.

According to Thomas Markle, the most sorry for Harry's last call, Megan's father was in the hospital after a heart attack. Thomas Markle said that Prince Harry later stressed that "if you would listen to me, it would never happen".

"Maybe it would be better for you if I died." Then you could pretend to be sad, "- so Thomas answered Prince Harry and hung up.

In the end, he added that he was not angry with Harry or Megan and wished her the best.

Remember, not so long ago, 73-year-old father Megan Markl will not stop communicating with the press. In a recent comment, Thomas Markle said he was not confused by the fact that the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex do not completely like paid interviews, which she gives to various media.



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