Feria de Dax 2018: the Sunday program

Feria de Dax 2018: the Sunday program

Music in the four corners of the city, Drop & # 39; Adour, two bullfights, the equestrian show "Aria" … The animations are not lacking, this Sunday, in the spa town. Here is the program, not to lose a crumb.

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Sunday, August 12: Dax, in vocal music

From 4 to 12 hours. Breakfast with the Dacquois Dolphins, banks of the Adour (Baignots).

9:30 Mass of bandas (transmission on giant screen), in the cathedral.

10 hours. Race of cows and arena games, in small arenas.

11 hours. Bandas musical entertainment, on the steps of the cathedral.

11:30 Corrida (paid). Six bulls by Garcia Jimenez for Juan José Padilla, José Maria Manzanares and Andrés Roca Rey, at the arena.

12 hours. Everyone at the table: pic-nic and dances in music, in the municipal park.

12 to 18 hours. 600 musicians and singers, 22 groups to meet in the heart of the city.

From 13 to 23 hours. The gastronomic village of La Potinière, in the garden of Potinière.

14 hours. Musical entertainment, Potinière garden.

From 15 to 19 hours. Nine bowling competition in the Arenas Park.

15:15 Drop & Adour from the Charnegous, the banks of the Adour.

16:15 Andropause musical entertainment, at the arena stand.

18 hours. Corrida (paid). Six bulls of Santiago Domecq for Sebastian Castella, Ginés Marin and Jesus Enrique Colombo, in the arena.

20 hours. Pasacalle bandas, start at the arena.

21 hours. Lato Potinière, dance festival with Michèle Sangla, Potinière garden.

22 h 15. Equestrian show "Aria" by Cavaler & # 39; o (pay), in the arena.

From 23 hours. Poly & sons, scene of free concerts, Son Flowers and Vendetta, place of the town hall.

00 h 30. Pasacalle bandas, park of the departures of the town hall.

Closing at 4 o'clock