For the first time Agathe Auproux talks about her fight against cancer on TV: "I had a form of guilt, I tried to convince myself that I wasn't sick"


For the first time Agathe Auproux is talking about her fight against cancer on TV, last night she was balancing your post on the C8 and she explained why she decided to break the silence.

"At the beginning I didn't want anyone to know because I was afraid of reactions and articles, but with the progress of the treatment I was convinced that I was not sick, a form of denial of the disease. because I was no longer in tune with myself, so I decided to announce it, sometimes we are a little ashamed because we don't really know how to handle this disease c & # 39; it's a form of guilt. "

A few days ago, Agathe Auproux wrote a message on Instagram:

"Well, I have to tell you something, I have cancer, lymphoma, exactly." I have been on chemotherapy since mid-December and for another three months. I am often in the hospital, I am very tired, I lose my hair, I have a catheter that I hate under the skin. I am absolutely not ashamed of being sick. But it's all right. Rest I will not die I respond very well to treatment. I just needed to stop lying, or at least stop pretending here in front of you every day. I am doing a job with photos and I thought it would be easier to keep everything for myself. Eventually he became completely schizophrenic and oppressive. It is healthier to take it. "

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