Former Obama Minister Julian Castro joins the presidential race

In the midst of a debate about immigration in the United States, the former mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro, former Barack Obama minister, announced his candidacy from Texas to become the first Spanish president of the country.

The grandson of a Mexican immigrant, Castro, 44, becomes the most prominent Democrat who officially enters the 2020 presidential race, which is expected to involve several and diverse candidates to face Donald Trump.

"When my grandmother came here almost 100 years ago, I knew for sure that she would never have imagined that only two generations later, one of her grandchildren would be an elected representative of the United States Congress, and the other will be in front of you today. to say these words: I am a candidate for the presidency of the United States, "said Mr. Castro, 44, for hundreds of supporters gathered on an esplanade in San Antonio, near where he grew up with his twin brother Joaquin, a member of the House of Representatives.

This announcement, made under the slogan "One Nation, One Destiny", comes as Donald Trump has made immigration a hot topic. Part of the federal government is also "shutdown" -compensated because the president needs $ 5.7 billion for a wall on the border with Mexico.

Mr. Castro grabbed the subject. "Yes, we need security at the border, but there's a smart and humane way to do it," he said, denouncing a "leadership crisis" under Donald Trump. "And it is certainly not to put children in cages that will guarantee our safety, we say no to building the wall and yes to building communities."

– Restore the Paris Agreement –

Among his proposals: universal health coverage in the United States, investment in education, protection of minorities and climate change. "If I am President, my first decree will be to restore the Paris Agreement," he said.

Known for his talents as an orator, Telegraph Julian Castro Barack Obama was Minister of Housing and Mayor of the seventh largest city in the United States. It has the dual advantage of being Spanish and originally from Texas, currently for the most part Republican, but the Democrats hope to one day conquer under the influence of demographic changes.

He became the third major Latino presidential candidate in four years, after Republican senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who faced Trump to be nominated by the Republican Party in 2016.

For now he is an outsider in a race that could see several heavyweights compete, such as former vice president Joe Biden, senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, and maybe even the billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Congressman Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaiian Democrat, announced at the age of 37 that she will also be in the running.

The candidacy of Castro could revive the enthusiasm for the Democrats among the Spanish voters who supported Hillary Clinton, but to a lesser extent than Barack Obama.

The former mayor of San Antonio gained national fame in 2012, when he was the first Latino to give a speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Four years later he was one of the finalists for running vice president alongside Hillary Clinton.

A fierce critic of Donald Trump, he said he probably would not be in the United States today if the current migration policy was in force when his grandmother, then a little girl, crossed the border with the United States. Mexico in 1922.

In his speech to the convention, Julian Castro had his & improbable adventure & # 39; he also called his twin brother Joaquin, elected for Congress. The expression has become the title of the memoirs that he recently published.