Fouad Abdel Wahed inaugurates his first concert in the international village

opened The young artist Fuad Abdel Wahed is the first concert in the global village of 2018, where he moves among a large number of his most important songs, which the audience asked him in the main theater, emphasizes the success of the concert through the interaction accompanied by the audience in all the songs he gave with the band consisting of the main musicians, Amid a large audience, mostly young generation, amidst a great interaction with his songs.

Fouad Abdel Wahid continues earlier on-board The most important theater with a large number of people from the press and the media, in which he spoke about his upcoming preparations.

Regarding the latest works he presented in his projects, the lion's share in the new music video "Ya Bani Adam" he recently launched through his official channel directed by Bassam Al Turk and by the poet Riad Al Awad, the composer Mohammad Ghazi and the spread of Maestro Medhat Khamis.

Fouad expressed his happiness after the end of the ceremony, by publishing a series of photo's of the ceremony, via his personal accounts on social networking sites, where he said: "each photo a story that has the joy to behave differently feel than the other, thank you from the heart of every attendees ", meant by the general public. What contributed to the success of the ceremony and excellence, which originated from the organization of the worldwide village in collaboration with the Rotana party.

Fouad stressed ready During the coming period to revive a series of concerts between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as a series of solo songs that will be released for the completion of the preparation of the songs of his new album and the second during his career.