From social justice to 4G: excerpts from the questions of Mayors from Occitanie to Macron

Excerpts from the questions, questions and proposals of the mayors of Occitania to Emmanuel Macron, Friday during his second day of exchanges with mayors in the context of the big national debate.

– Christian Venries, mayor of Saint-Cirgues (Lot): "I hope you are not in the position + tell me what you need, I will explain how I should do without +. (…) Stop stigmatizing , resist, despise, it only generates violence ".

– Agnès Simon-Picquet, mayor of Les Junies (Lot): "High speed internet and 4G are missing (…) Despite the guarantees of Orange, the works have been delayed. (…) I propose that the state operators make their commitments (…) Public transport (…) does not meet the needs. (…) I propose to reduce the legal age for driving a car at the age of 17 years. "

– Jérôme Blasquez, mayor of Pujols (Ariège): "The long-awaited social justice goes through a fair income tax reform and a flattening of all the loopholes that have made it unbalanced".

– Cyril Delpech, President of the Community community of Black Mountain (Aude): "I would like you to impose by decision, with the four mobile operators, on the Arcep (Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Messages) to ensure coverage in the gray area, as you did in the white zone ".

– Christiane Marfin, mayor of Saint-Chély-d & # 39; Aubrac (Aveyron): "In September 2018 we lost half a message at the school because we missed one or two children, it was lived very hard. everything, this has caused misunderstandings in the parents. (…) Accept a moratorium on a few years with regard to the conclusion of lessons in rural areas ".

– Philippe Ribot, mayor of Saint-Privat-les-Vieux (Gard): "There is a concern about the housing tax, its removal is a real break between the local taxpayer and the public service that the municipality brings into its territory. role for the municipality tomorrow? "

– Paul-Marie Blanc, mayor of Bérat (Haute-Garonne): "We have homes for many thermal sieves Do not you think it is high time to draw up a real national plan for reducing our energy consumption? , to restore the purchasing power of the French, to create local jobs that can not be relocated and to protect planet? "

– Louis Villaret, mayor of Pouget (Hérault): "We have the impression that our mayors are seen as bad managers, the word of the mayors should be better considered, can we give the municipalities more regulatory means in terms of decentralization and deconcentration? "

– Alain Torrent, mayor of Céret (Pyrénées-Orientales): "It is essential that the state cares for the Reggalien but gives more freedom to the local population, gives more freedom of movement".

– Brigitte Barèges, mayor (LR) of Montauban (Tarn-et-Garonne): "I beg you not to overshadow the subject of immigration (…) If we can not afford glasses, dentures and when we go through the medical help from the state to see a billion euros a year, a foreigner can already be 100% care … It is a matter of social justice. (…) We could very well increase the pensions if we get medical help from to lower the state, to deceive social aid (…) that multiplies the feeling of injustice of many French people.

– Stéphanie Guiraud-Chaumeil, mayor of Albi (Tarn): "From the point of view of Albi, the issue of medical demography is a major concern. (…) Would you agree to study innovative projects that could come from the areas and better To meet the new expectations of young physicians, these systems can then be replicated in other areas. "

– Raphaël Bernardin, mayor (LREM) of Sulpice-la-Pointe (Tarn): "VAT is an economic tax, why VAT would not feed the region's budget?" The CSG is a social tax, why should it does not feed the departments' budgets and we are developers of the territory Why should not our budget be fueled by land taxes, built or undeveloped, and maybe others should be invented? & # 39;