Gérard Jugnot denies his death in Les Grosses Têtes - Télé 7 Jours

No, Gerard Jugnot is not dead! On Sunday, February 3, many internet users heard the death of the 67-year-old actor via the website Actualite.co, which enables everyone to create an article. His press officer had to deny the rumor after the site of franceinfo. Guest of Big heads On Monday, February 4, Gerard Jugnot was questioned by Laurent Ruquier about his alleged death: "I heard of my death by a friend, I would have died of a heart attack yesterday at 4 o'clock at night"explained the actor, amused."Do you confirm your death?"added comedian Elie Semoun, also present in the studio & # 39; s of RTL.

"It hurts people, what. My wife tried to find a black dress, she did not have time"continued Gerard Jugnot, declaring that a friend had called him, saying:Ah, I'm glad to hear you".

Like many public figures, this is not the first time that Gerard Jugnot is the victim of rumors about his death: "I was already dead in 2011 because of a heart attack and in 2008 I fell from a balcony on rocks. Finally, it's scary! I am afraid of death, I am reassured, because I have nothing at all!"In February 2011, social networks panicked after the announcement of the (false) death of a certain … Jean Dujardin.

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