Ghada Ibrahim stems from her silence and reveals the truth of her appearance in a pornographic clip with Khaled Youssef

Ghada Ibrahim left her silent after being accused of appearing in a porn video with director Khaled Youssef.

"Some people are being exploited," Ghada said in a sound recording on the site
The current situation and they are thrown into the case by mentioning the first two letters of
Her name, adding: "If someone had proof of his words, the video will appear. I am far from it
These shameful facts. "

"I'm not my age, I worked with Khaled Yousef Omri and I did not see his office and his films in every area you could see."

She continued: "Some people promote this talk about amusement and fill the vacuum and this kind of mental illness needs a doctor."

One of the lawyers who filed complaints with director Khaled Youssef said that an artist named "G" appeared in a porn video with the famous director without having proved his words to date.