"Goodbye Germany" shock: sect emigrant separates from woman

Cologne –

Over the past six years, Chris Töpperwien has earned his living in the US by selling German sausages.

Meanwhile, the star "Goodbye Germany" had finally arrived in Hollywood. Because not only the TV makers have an eye on the wrestler who is thrown, even among Hollywood celebrities, the emigrant feels clearly at ease. Most recently, Chris Töpperwien was spotted with Paris Jackson (read more here).

But no matter how good it is for the work, private, the emigrant now faces a setback: after four years, Chris and his wife divorce Magdaléna Kalley, known as Magey Kalley.

Chris Töpperwien asks for privacy

For quite some time there were rumors that he hardly uploaded joint photo's on his Instagram account – and now it's official.

On the night of Tuesday the ex-man announced: Yes, we are divorced.

In his Instagram story, the Currywurst man places a short statement in which he asks his followers to give up the comments or requests.

How it goes further is still open. Both travel a lot because of their work.

Töpperwien has been busy in Germany in recent weeks, while his ex-wife has traveled a lot in her native California.