Goodbye Marvel? Netflix cancels Iron Fist (and just released the season)

Goodbye Marvel? Netflix cancels Iron Fist (and just released the season)

Iron Fist-Season 2 of Trailer-Marvel
Image: Marvel's trailer / Iron Fist / Netflix / YouTube

The taste of Danny and a month (and days) of debuting the second season of Iron fist, Disney has confirmed that there will be no third delivery.

Much has been said during the last year that all the series and films that are part of the Marvel series will leave Netflix gradually in 2019, at the time it was said that the MCU series were not at risk, but it seems that history is changing.

Iron fist It is one of many series Marvel-Netflix arrived on the platform a few years ago, some successfully, such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher. Others not so much, although Luke Cage has received good comments and aroused some expectation, they have not fully convinced in the second season.

A few months ago, the producers launched a marketing campaign for the second season of the iron fist, which was presented in September on the streaming platform but did not have the expected impact.

This has already been analyzed since then Marvel and Netflix and, in a joint statement cited by various means, underline that "while the series on Netflix is ​​over, the immortal Iron Fist will still be alive".

This opens up the debate and analysis of various media and specialists. First of all the obvious fact, Iron Fist becomes the first Marvel series to be deleted by Netflix, but it is not new that the company of Los Gatos is so relentless with productions that are not profitable: remember cases like Sense8, Girlboss, Marco Polo, Gypsy and Lady Dynamite, among others.

So what does the statement suggest? And this is that The possibility remains that Colleen Wing and Danny Rand are still alive in other content and this allows you to speculate The Defenders, as well as Daredevil and Jessica Jones continue with more season or, from what they propose deadline, and that Iron Fist is one of the franchises that migrate to the Disney streaming platform, let's not forget that in theory, he already works in series production based on Marvel characters like Loki and Scarlet Witch.


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