Gucci and Adidas withdraw products that are generally regarded as racist - Towleroad

Both luxury brand Gucci and shoe brand Adidas withdrew products from their website and stores that were widely considered to be racist.

The New York Times reports: "The insulting Gucci item was a balaclava with a $ 890 knitting cap that could be pulled over the lower half of the wearer's face, and the bright red lips were ringing an opening for the mouth, a detail social media is dismissed as an emerging blackface image. "

While: "In the Adidas case, the company included an almost completely white pair of shoes in a line of clothing and sneakers inspired by the Harlem Renaissance movement and intended to commemorate Black History Month. user labeled the product as & # 39; a swing and a miss. & # 39; "

Both incidents were roughly similar to the missteps that Prada made with their Christmas editions 2018.

That resulted, according to the New York Post, the city launched a probe in Prada above a Soho shop display with a row of accessories shot as a racist. "The New York Commission on Human Rights investigates reports that a Prada employee had neglected to complain about the display of" Pradamalia "key rings and other trinkets – including a character with black skin and too big red lips, they announced a release last to week. "

In a statement, Gucci said the company deeply apologizes & # 39; for the fact that caused by the top and confirmed that the item was removed online from all its physical stores.

"We consider diversity as a fundamental value to be fully maintained, respected and at the forefront of every decision we take," the statement added.

"We are fully committed to increasing diversity across our organization and making this incident a powerful learning opportunity for the Gucci team and beyond."

This of course comes on the heels of Virginia Democratic politicians, Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring both were called upon to resign because they had set up Black Face in the past.

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