GZSZ: Veteran Jo Gerner aka Wolfgang Bahro will die in the RTL series?

GZSZ: Veteran Jo Gerner aka Wolfgang Bahro will die in the RTL series?

Berlin –

Jo Gerner, played by Wolfgang Bahro (57), belongs since the first episode to the fixed repertoire of the cult series of RTL "Good times, bad times".

He regularly organizes intrigues, dramas and new beginnings, such as the recent reconciliation with Katrin (Ulrike Frank) and the joint fight against Felix Lehmann (Thaddäus Meilinger) and Laura Weber (Chryssanthi Kavazi).

This role, its changes and its stories never become boring.

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From the beginning: Jo Gerner aka Wolfgang Bahro has played in GZSZ since 1992 and then from an episode. Ulrike Frank played the serial character Katrin Flemming since 2002.

But will fans soon have to do without their favorite series winner?

A trailer is currently in circulation where many GZSZ drug addicts are at the mercy.

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Is Jo Gerner dying in series?

The black and white clip shows Jo Gerner – or just his head.

His eyes are closed and apparently lying in the sand.

The title of the 12 second video: "The End of an Era"

Is Gerner dying for serial death?

wolfgang bahro jo gerner fete

Colleagues were happy with him: here Wolfgang Bahro aka "Jo Gerner" celebrated his 25th anniversary.

At least, producers seem to want to suggest this. It seems that the lawyer Gerner is in his own grave. On August 17th, the puzzle will be solved.

The current contract of Wolfgang Bahros is valid until 2021

That Gerner actually dies is questionable.

So the actor extended his contract only some time ago – until, at least in 2021, Wolfgang Bahro will be seen in the "DWDL.de" of RTL Dailysoap.

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Perhaps the scene has something to do with the shady client who appears in the GZSZ neighborhood, Gerner lurks and threatens him.

Already since 1992 GZSZ almost every day

Since 1992, "Gute Zeiten, schlte Zeiten" has been from Monday to Friday at 19.40 pm on RTL, at 7.15 pm.

It is considered the most successful German television series in the "soap opera" genre.

In 2017, the cult series celebrates its 25th anniversary. The 6000th episode was broadcast on May 18, 2016.

First, there was no place of action

After the series has played in the early years in an unnamed city, in addition to the non-existent one and starting with the ET marked car plates, Berlin is now remembered as a place of action very often.

The panorama of the city is shown several times per episode, often famous neighborhoods such as Prenzlauer Berg or Tiergarten are mentioned.

The events that actually take place in Berlin and are characteristic of this city, such as the CSD, are often included in the plots at the right time.

Public record of 6.73 million viewers

Episodes are always produced seven weeks in advance. On June 22, 1998 it was the 1500th episode, which was attended by the then Prime Minister of Lower Saxony and later the Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder (SPD), who reached the record audience of 6.73 million viewers.

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Wolfgang Bahro (aka Jo Gerner) has been a member of GZSZ since 1992. He is the longest of all actors – and so far there is no end in sight.