Hadi Al-Bagouri talks about his wife, Yasmin

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Director Hadi Al-Bagouri said that he believes in the talent of his wife, artist Yasmin Nasir, pointing out that his choice in his works comes from a technical point of view.

Regarding his lack of choice in his new film "The Guest", he said that "there is no role to play in the work." I choose Yasmin as a president, just like any other actress, and I choose her because of my faith and her talent. "

He added, "Al-Bajouri" in statements against "Al-Masry Al-Youm": "If there are choices for a role and that are eligible to choose, which is within the three choices that I will choose Yasmin , in the film (the role of Dina Sherbini) wanted to present, she read the film for any actor because it is my wife, "I asked her to present the role of Dina al-Sherbini, but I refused, I told her I did not see you. "

"I see Yasmin in front of me as a director like any actress, but I see her being oppressed by the rest of the actresses."